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Merseyside Police leading the way in tackling pavement parking
Merseyside Police are taking a lead in tackling pavement parking.

Parking on pavements is illegal except where signs permit it, and the recent increase in pavement parking is causing problems for many vulnerable pedestrians, and has claimed the lives of two children.

Merseyside Police have been active via
  • A clear website message
  • A media release
  • A6 educational cards in conjunction with Merseyside community groups
  • A4 educational posters
  • Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Twitter

Other police forces should follow this lead so that the problem is brought under control before another child is killed.

Merseyside Police website message

The Merseyside Police website now carries a clear message that Pavements are for People. See

Merseyside Police media release

The media lease in March 2018 highlighted the problems caused by pavement parking. See

A6 educational cards

Merseyside Police have worked with Wirral Pedestrians Association and Liverpool Pedestrians Association to produce an A6 educational card to remind drivers that pavements are for people. A total of 15,000 have now been distributed and 10,000 more have been printed. They are available to members of the public from a number of community locations and from police stations.

A4 educational posters

The poster can be downloaded from

Fixed Penalty Notices

Fixed Penalty Notices have been issed where vehicles have been parked illegally on pavements.

In a day of action in Tuebrook in July 2018, 22 vehicles were found to be obstructing the pavement and their owners were issued with Traffic Offence Reports - see

Twitter publicity


Last updated: 12 Jan 2020