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A protest campaign over poor walking and cycling safety

Effective road safety planning: what should be happening

What the vision should be
Road safety planning and policing: what we have a right to expect
Poor Merseyside road casualties should be considered
Other relevant information
Past strategies
Options that should be considered

Merseyside road safety failures

Merseyside / national road safety failures

Merseyside road safety concerns

So-Mo project on pedestrian casualties

Merseyside road safety improvements

Taking action on poor road safety

Current campaigns





Best practice options: cycling infrastructure

Cycling design standards

London Street Design Guidance

Space for Cycling
This is an 8-page guide produced by Cycling UK - see .

Funding for cycling

The Scottish Government has recently doubled its annual investment in cycling and walking to 80 million (13.50 per head of population) in 2018-19 - see and .

Dutch cycling infrastructure

Dutch cycling infrastructure is the best in the world. The image shows a junction from Groningen, but similar junctions are standard throughout the Netherlands (look on Google Street View). The image is high resolution, and can be viewed full-screen, by right-clicking on it and selecting "View Image", or by zooming in via the "View" menu (depending on browser).

  • the protected cycle track on both sides of the road
  • the parked vehicles do not obstruct cycling
  • the grass growing in the cracks - the junction has been there for years.
The norm is that traffic lights have a phase just for cyclists - so all cyclists can cross in any direction without having to encounter motor vehicles.

Last updated: 12 Jan 2020