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Liverpool Council never completed its Inquiry into poor road casualty figures
The Liverpool Council Scrutiny Committee Inquiry of 2014 into its poor road casualty figures never produced a report.

Opinion: This amounts to to neglect of duty, and consequently to maladministration. The reason for setting up the Inquiry has continued, i.e. high Liverpool road casualties have continued. An inquiry by a competent council would most likely have uncovered reasons for the high casualties, and that this would have led to effective measures to reduce casualties. So it has to be concluded that the failure to complete the Inquiry has led to road casualties that could and should have been avoided.

The Inquiry announcement

An Inquiry into Liverpool's poor road casualty figures was announced in February 2014. See here .

The Inquiry procedure

The Inquiry collected evidence in a number of sessions chaired by Cllr Helen Casstles duing 2014.

Several groups submitted evidence, including Merseyside Cycling Campaign .

Interim report to Liverpool Council Scrutiny Committee

A progress report was given by Cllr Helen Casstles to the Liverpool Council Scrutiny Committee in 2015 . According to the Minutes, a 3-page update was brought in to the meeting part way through the meeting - the timing suggests that it had only just been produced.

An interim finding was that traffic speeds are higher in Liverpool than Manchester.

A commitment to produce a final report was given.

The Inquiry never produced a final report

No report was ever produced.

High road casualties have continued in Liverpool

The latest casualty figures are similar to those when the Scrutiny Committee Inquiry was announced - the problem has not gone away - see Liverpool is the worst metropolitan borough for the rates of reported serious pedestrian casualties ( and of reported serious cyclist casualties

Last updated: 12 Jan 2020