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A protest campaign over poor walking and cycling safety

Effective road safety planning: what should be happening

What the vision should be
Road safety planning and policing: what we have a right to expect
Road casualty information that should be considered
Other relevant information
Past strategies
Options that should be considered

Merseyside road safety failures

Merseyside / national road safety failures

Merseyside road safety concerns

So-Mo project on pedestrian casualties

Merseyside road safety improvements

Taking action on poor road safety

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Why a protest campaign is needed
Why do we need a protest campaign to make progress on walking and cycling safety in Merseyside?

  • Walking and cycling safety is very poor in Merseyside.
  • There has been little or no improvement over recent years
  • Making polite suggestions to decision makers has not worked
  • Citizens have a moral obligation to ensure the safety of children and other vulnerable people, and this includes an obligation to insist that decision makers perform to a high standard on road safety
  • A civil disobedience campaign is therefore justified, and citizens have an obligation to protest at the neglect of duty and abuse of power, to make demands for improvements, to support civil disobedience, and to consider joining the civil disobedience campaign personally.

Last updated: 26 Dec 2018