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Road Safety Strategy: Replies from Jane Kennedy, Steve Rotheram and Sean Traynor
In response to the September 2017 letter to Jane Kennedy and Steve Rotheram (https://wacm.org.uk/19.html) expressing concern about the new Strategy, the following replies have been received. Meetings with Jane Kennedy and Sean Traynor have taken place.

Reply from Jane Kennedy, 17 Oct 2017:
Thank you for your correspondence regarding the Liverpool City Region Road Safety Strategy 2017-2020. I apologise for the delay in responding.
I was interested to read your observations and will forward them to the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership for their consideration.
I support the "Vision Zero" approach to road safety. If it would be helpful, I would like to extend an invitation for a meeting with you and your colleagues to discuss the issue. If you would like to contact my office directly via email to info@merseysidepcc.info, a date for a meeting can be arranged.
I hope that this is helpful.
Yours sincerely,
Jane Kennedy
Police & Crime Commissioner, Merseyside

Reply from Steve Rotheram, 18 Oct 2017:
Thank you for your e-mail on the LCR Road Safety Strategy2017-2020 and the points you highlight.
I note that Jane Kennedy has contacted you direct, has forwarded your observations to the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership and offered to meet you to discuss the issue.
I hope you find the meeting constructive on the concerns you express.
Yours sincerely
Steve Rotheram
Metro Mayor

Email from Sean Traynor, 17 Oct 2017
With regards to your representations to the Merseyside PCC and Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, as vice-chair of the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership I would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your concerns. I shall be grateful therefore if you could provide suitable dates/times over the coming weeks.
Sean Traynor
Head of Highways and Transportation
Knowsley Council

Meeting with Jane Kennedy, 16 Nov 2017
The agreed meeting notes are at http://www.wirralpedestrians.org.uk/meeting_notes_16_nov_2017.html.

Meeting with Sean Traynor, 27 Nov 2017
The agreed meeting notes are at http://wirralpedestrians.org.uk/meeting_notes_27_nov_2017.html.

These meetings and one subsequent meeting with Sean Traynor have not resulted in any improvement in the road safety "strategy".

Last updated: 16 Dec 2018